Gout Home Remedies

Many people with gout suffer from sleep disturbance as they suddenly awake at night. Those gout sufferers are aware that the first three to four days will really hurt, yet these people are not actively facing this situation without fear.

These people are always concerned about when they receive their next attack of gout. What can these sufferers of gout do to manage it correctly? If you have had gout before, then you begin to realize the first signs of an attack of gout are coming.

When you feel such a warning, you can prepare by taking drugs such as colchicine or indometacin. Better yet, you can try some gout home remedies available.

For the proper treatment of gout, it is absolutely imperative that you lose weight. Those who reduced their weight, found that do not suffer from gout attacks as much as when they were heavier, and the severity is reduced.

Losing weight is the key to the treatment of gout, but it does not mean that you need to lose weight suddenly. Take some time and reduce the weight slowly, as sudden weight loss increases the amount of uric acid and can cause serious attacks of gout.

Make sure you keep well hydrated and you’re using one of the keys to effective therapy against gout. If you drink plenty of liquids, it reduces uric acid the body and prevents gout. It is not enough to drink water only when thirsty.

You should drink water all day, even when you’re not thirsty. Whilst drinking ten or more glasses of water on a daily basis, you should also eat fruits that are high in water such as watermelon. Watermelon and its seeds will also help to reduce your uric acid levels.

Good nutrition works as a driver for the previous two points so that an effective treatment for gout can be planned. Lacking a healthy diet, you cannot even think of losing weight or staying hydrated.

If you eat junk food and coke, they just add weight and cause dehydration. It will also increase uric acid levels and trigger attacks of gout. If you eat lots of fruit and vegetables it will help you control your weight and uric acid levels.

These are the basic gout home remedies, if symptoms persist, it would be best o call a doctor.

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Herbal Remedies for Gout

Every year, the number of gout sufferers all over the world increases despite the many information resources about the illness. Perhaps you’re already familiar with the joint pains suffered by older individuals. Other people mistake gout for rheumatism and arthritis because the illness is also associated with inflammation of the joints, certain bodily tissues, and tendons. Medication is definitely expensive and so some patients opt for herbal remedies for gout.

Herbal remedies are much more affordable and they are quite effective in easing the pain and discomfort. When monosodium urate, also known as uric acid, hardens or crystallizes around the joints of the ankle and big toe, it can cause sudden extreme pain. The blood circulation inside the feet areas is less and so the crystals of uric acid tend to stick to the joints of the ankle and big toe, thereby causing gout. The feet are usually cold and so with lower temperatures, the UA can easily harden around the joint areas. If the body can’t eliminate the uric acid, it will stick to the joints, bodily tissues, and tendons; when this illness is left untreated, it can lead to complications and other unfavorable health conditions.

Your diet may be the primary cause of gout. If you frequently eat seafood, organ meats, and junk foods, you will be prone to this disease. At risk are elderly men and those with a history of gout in the family. Women are not exempted from the illness but there are less gout cases among women though. People who drink too much alcohol are also susceptible to developing this condition.

Herbal remedies are not only cheap but very effective as well. If you want an organic alternative, you can try chickweed. Get one tablespoon of this herb and put it in one cup boiling water. Leave it for 4 hours and then filter it out. Drink ¼ of the mixture four times every day.

If you don’t want to drink any herbal preparations, you can make an ointment from unsalted butter and hops. Mix equal parts of these ingredients and use it as a gout ointment. Rub it over the affected are everyday.

For gout pains, you can mix 700 milliliters vodka and 2 tbsp lilac blooms. Leave the mixture for about a week. After that, you can take 50 drops of the mixture before meals, three times each day.

Another homemade remedy is to drink fresh orange juice twice a day. Recent studies have proven that orange juice increases the vitamin C level in the body. The vitamin C can lower the uric acid thereby preventing gout.

There are still other herbal remedies that you can try but try to seek medical advice first. It would be wise to consult a doctor first before taking any medication or herbal remedy. You can also consult herbalists or licensed healers about the proper preparation of these herbal remedies for gout.

Herbal remedies for gout are quite effective. The remedies are an excellent choice for those who can’t afford the expensive gout medications. Medical costs are continuously rising and the less fortunate ones don’t need to suffer from gout pain. Choose the best herbal remedy which works best on you and start treating your illness.

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