Home Remedies For Cataract

Whenever people talk about cataracts, they usually assume it to be a thin layer which appears on the eyes and cause the images to become either blurred or doubled. In reality, cataracts do not form on the eyes; they actually form inside the eyes. Cataract is fogging of the lenses of the eyes. A lens is that part of the eye, which allows the focusing of light and also generates clear and sharp images.

The lens is present inside a capsule or a bag which is in sealed form. After some time, the old cells break down which are entrapped inside the capsule. These cells then gather and cause clouding on the lens, which results in the fuzziness and blurring of the image. In majority of the cases, cataracts are related to aging.

Cataract Home Remedies – easy to adopt

One of the best home remedies for cataracts lies in carrots. If several carrots in raw form are eaten on regular basis, cataract can be cured. If someone does not like munching raw carrots, then carrot juice can also fulfill the purpose. Drink the juice two times in a day; once in the morning and then in evening.

Consuming two to three cloves of garlic can also serve as a good home remedy for cataracts. Take raw form of garlic in the mouth and chew it gently. Garlic helps in the cleaning of the clouded lens of the eye, but consuming large quantities of garlic should be avoided because it can lead to acidity issues.

A natural cure of cataract lies in consuming the extracts from the flowers of pumpkin and then applying on the lids of the eyes two times a day.

Carrots make a useful home remedy for cataract. If a person is suffering from cataracts, he must eat a lot of carrots on regular basis. Plus, a glass or two of carrot juice should also be consumed twice a day.

It is suggested by health experts that adding in a drop or two of unprocessed honey in the eyes for at least three months is beneficial in the treatment of cataracts. It is regarded as a good natural cure for cataract.

Other home remedies for cataract

Patients suffering from cataract should strictly refrain from sugar, cereal, cream and white bread. Pies, rice, puddings and boiled potatoes should be included in the restricted list of items. Also beverages like alcohol, black tea and coffee should not be consumed.

Aniseeds are also used as home made remedy for cataracts. The patient suffering from cataract should take almost six grams of aniseeds once in the morning and then in evening. For best results, same quantities of coriander powder and aniseeds should be taken and chewed with a little amount of sugar.

A valuable remedy for cataract lies in crushing about seven kernels of almond and half a gram of pepper in water and then consuming it after sweetening the mixture with sugar candy. This will help the eyes recover their vigor.

Castor oil has yield good results in the treatment of cataract. Before going to bed, if two drops of castor oil are put in the eyes, the healing process can be accelerated. The oil should be in pure form and free of any harmful particles.

A study in British Medical Journal has showed that spinach is a good diet for patients suffering from cataract. This is because spinach contains anti-oxidants like beta carotene. It is also suggested that those who eat beta carotene rich fruits and vegetables, they have forty percent less chances of developing cataract.

In Cataract the lens of the eyes appears white and the person suffering from it cannot see properly. This is one of the very common problems of eyes. The light rays don’t fall properly on the lens of the eyes and hence the image formation doesn’t happen. In case you have blurred vision then there are chances that you are suffering from cataract. This is the initial stage of this disease. In further stage the person suffering from cataract sees double images or spots.

Home remedies for Cataract:

Put few drops of honey in your affected eye, as it is very beneficial remedy for cataract.

Apply the juice of pumpkin flowers on the eyelids and keep for 15 minutes and then wash it off. Do this two times a day.

Eating carrots has many benefits for good eyesight. Eat one or two carrots daily. Drink lot of carrot juice whenever you can.

Oranges and grapes are also very beneficial in cataract. Drinking juices of these fruits is one of the very effective home remedies for cataract .

Garlic is also effective in the treatment of cataract. It also helps to keep the lens of the eyes clean. Garlic is easily available in almost every kitchen. Just increase the intake of garlic and have good eyesight.

Diet: Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits, as they are very beneficial for eyes. Avoid too much tea, coffee, bread, pickles and potatoes. Oily food, junk food and processed food all are bad for overall health, so avoid them in your diet.

Avoid alcohol and stay away from smoking.

Raisins, dates and figs are also good for the treatment of cataract.

Eat plenty of salads and vegetable soups almost for one meal of the day.

Take aniseeds two times in the daytime. Early morning after getting up and once again in the evening you can take aniseeds.

The one more very effective of the home remedies for cataract is to make a magic powder at home with almonds , pepper and sugar candy. This mixture should be then taken twice in a day for getting the cure from cataract.

Spinach is also very useful vegetable and it prevents cataract from occurring. Include this vegetable in your menu more than often.

Make a cocktail from carrot juice and parsley juice and drink it. This is very effective for cataract.

Put cardamom powder in one glass of warm milk and drink it before going to bed. This drink is very healthy for good eyesight.

Protect your eyes form sunrays and for this wear sunglass whenever you go out in sun. Also give some proper rest to your eyes by taking proper sleep. Don’t overstress your eyes.

Put your palms over the eyes and apply gentle pressure on the eyes for about thirty seconds. Keep on doing this at least four to five times in a day.

Yoga is also very beneficial for eyes, as it gives proper rest to the eyes.

Put your palms over the eyes and apply gentle pressure on the eyes for about thirty seconds. Keep on doing this at least four to five times in a day.

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