Home Remedies For Anorexia

Anorexia home remedies involve the consumption of grapes, mint, lukewarm water, ginger, lemon, apple, garlic etc. Any problem which leads to disorder during digestion is known as anorexia. As a consequence of anorexia, the patients lose their appetite and are unable to digest proper diet. Also, sleepless and weakness in the body is experienced.

Anorexia is known to affect the overall health of the sufferer. It is the result of poor eating habits. Women especially want to reduce their weight to zero size and are the common patients of anorexia. Medical consultation is required instantly in this case however, anorexia can also be treated by the use of home remedies for anorexia.

Natural home remedies for anorexia

One of the good home remedies for anorexia includes the consumption of two to three fresh oranges on regular basis; it increases appetite and cure anorexia.

aking an apple everyday increases the appetite and also increases the function of digestive system. Apple is also known for providing the digestive system with some roughage.

Take a glass of water and add into it two to three cloves when boiling. Add half a teaspoon of lemon juice into it and drink it two times a day and continue this for at least one week. The appetite will be increased. It is a natural cure for anorexia and one of the good home remedies for anorexia.

Home remedies for anorexia also lies in the use of lemon juice. Take a teaspoon of lime and mix it well with same quantity if ginger juice. Now add a gram of salt to this mixture. Keep the mixture away from dust, in direct sunlight for three days. Consuming one teaspoon of it will increase the power to digest and also makes you crave for food. This is one of the effective home remedies for anorexia.

Garlic is the best natural drug which is known for increasing appetite. Garlic increases the digestive capability like a fire. If a soup of garlic is given to the patient, the anorexia is cured immensely.

Potent Anorexia Kitchen Remedies or homemade remedies for loss of appetite

Vegetable soup added with salt is also known to enhance the appetite.

Increasing the intake of salads made of capsicums, tomatoes, cabbage, beets and cucumbers. Eating tomatoes in raw form is a natural remedy for anorexia.

One of the effective home remedies for anorexia includes the consumption of sour grapes. The juice of sour grapes is beneficial when the flour is kneaded with it before making chapatti. Adding a small pinch of salt will increase the appetite.

Home remedies for anorexia also include the use of lemon and salt. If a small pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon are sprinkled over the salad and then consumed, the appetite will surely increase.

Chicken soup is the best diet for sufferers of anorexia. Adding in juice of ginger and black pepper can increase its action.

Yoga is another best method for increasing appetite. Postures such as vajrasana and pavanamuktasana are known for enhancing appetite. This is one of the best home remedies for anorexia

Due to some kind of brain injury or psychological reasons or due to emotional reasons a person may loose his or her memory, this condition is called as Anorexia. In Anorexia patient could get partial or complete memory loss. There are different kinds of Anorexia depending upon the reasons for getting the Anorexia. The patient with Anorexia start forgetting names and words and one day forget their own identities. This generally happens in old age.

Home remedies for Anorexia:

In medical science there are various tests that are conducted on the patients of Anorexia in order to check how much of their brain is damaged. In case they don’t have any brain injury and the Anorexia is caused due to some emotional reasons then there are various psychotherapy methods that help such patients in leading a normal life. There are many home remedies for Anorexia , which are helpful in improving the memory.

Eating walnuts has many benefits and one of them is sharp memory for those who eat them. Make a point to eat about twenty grams of walnuts on a daily basis for having the sharp memory.

Apple is a rich source of various vitamins and minerals and it is very good in the treatment of Anorexia. For the treatment of Anorexia you should eat apple and then have one cup of milk with few drops f honey added in it.

To make your brain strong enough so that the emotional ups and downs don’t have any effect on brain, eat lots of almonds . You can keep the almonds overnight soaked in water and next day morning eat them after removing their red coating. You can also make a paste of these almonds and mix butter and sandalwood in it. Use this mixture as an inhaler. This will make your brain cells very active.

Early in the morning on an empty stomach take a mixture prepared by mixing fine paste of five black pepper and honey together.

The herb sage is also effective in reducing the chances of getting Anorexia. If you will prepare a tea form the sage leaves and drink it on a daily basis, then your concentration will also improve. This is one of the very effective home remedies for Anorexia .

Include lots of fruits in your diet, mainly fruits like oranges, grapes, figs, raisins, etc. These fruits will provide the tonic required for the brain to function well.

You can prepare a tea from rosemary leaves and drink it twice in a day for improving your memory.

Wash the basil leaves and eat them for getting good memory. You can eat basil leaves early in the morning and then again in the evening.

Yoga and meditation are also very helpful ways with which you can make your mind more alert and make your memory sharp.

Avoid drinking too much coffee, alcohol and soft drinks as they have adverse effect on health and your mind too. Avoid processed foods and as much as you can eat home cook food.

Human is also a one of the animals created by God. The only thing that differentiates us humans with other animals is the brain. With the grace and blessing of God, humans are provided with the developed brain that provides them with the power to actually rule the world. But with such a stressful life and lots of botheration and most importantly unhealthy lifestyles has lead to the decrease in the activity of our brain functioning. There are many other factors that are also contributing to the decreased activity of the brain. Age is also an important factor that leads to the decreased memory. Deficiency of various vitamins and minerals are also a contributing factor.

In this section of the memory we would provide you with the various remedies and information with which you can get benefit and improve your mental skills.

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Home Remedies for Skin

Healthy epidermis is far more critical than we understand. But not many of us pay considerably notice towards the commercial goods we make use of two detoxes and use a skin moisturizer with.

Based on some wellness experts, the skin we have is assaulted and anxious every day, barraged from the myriad of ingredients we employ to clean and also help it to seem healthy. Most that is performed inside name regarding beauty.

Obviously, there´s nothing wrong uses striving to take a look as appealing as you can. But from what cost are we, as being a society, purchasing this pursuit of beauty along with youthfulness? Your skin layer acts just like a sponge

In case you put makeup on it using less than balanced, even poisonous ingredients, there’s more?

All the possibly toxic things soak straight into your skin and also into your method. Surely there must be an easier way to make you appear and feel better without putting your quality of life on the line each day

It´s a proven fact that the greater amount of synthetic, harmful ingredients in a very skin care product via soap in order to moisturizers the particular less effective they really are.

The higher the amount of non-natural ingredients in your bath tub scrub, for instance, the not as likely it is? In fact provides you with clean, clear and also healthier skin color. And if you´re also looking for radiant shine, well, you can easily forget about it.

Maybe you have indulged you to ultimately a visit to at the very top beauty day spa? If you have, an individual almost certainly noticed that these types of establishments almost never, if ever placed any of the business, synthetic-based products on the skin. Instead, they frequently have their individual private-label products. Or merchandise they create particularly for use in the spa.

What exactly are these skincare products manufactured from? You guessed that! All natural ingredients!

What if I told you there are products obtainable that are organic and many instances organic which wouldn´t hurt your skin or perhaps endanger your overall health?

What if I told you there are products you may use and be certain of the components you were employing?

What if I told you the components for these exceptional skin care therapies are waiting for an individual right now within your very own cooking area? All you need to accomplish is assemble the items making them.

Thinking about creating a couple of recipes of your personal to see where did they work? If you are making one recipe, I promise that you almost soon become on your way to producing your own personal distinct products. Your skin color will be better and more glowing than ever before.

The truth is, your entire family members can benefit from these kinds of amazing homemade recipes. The remedies range from lotions to soap to deodorants.

 You´re now taking into consideration making your individual homemade natural skin care remedies, take a look at a few tips on the way to use them. This is best to get into a new routine in terms of any health problem.

It’s just as important that you develop definite habits when it comes to personal skin remedies.  You will start with a few, with the easier kinds. As you go along, you could develop a lot more specific program that suits you much better.

Recipes pertaining to facial uniforms provide you with an excellent opportunity to scrub and situation your skin with only a small hard work and pretty much no expense.

Veronica has been doing a lot of research about skin care. Find out more about home remedies for glowing skin , visit http://www.homeremediesforskin.com.

Herbal Remedies For Insomnia

Winter – a season when darkness usurps daylight, and, theoretically at least, people are able to enjoy more hours of sleep uninterrupted by light.  Yet, numerous experts point to the early winter season as the time of year when the most cases of insomnia occur.  The question, then is what can we do to reduce the frequency of sleepless nights.  In particular, what herbs and natural remedies are effective at treating this energy-sapping sleep problem?

While researching solutions for insomnia, I made the mistake of typing “when do most people experience insomnia” into my Google search bar.  I had the misfortune (and the brief pleasure) of reading one forum contributor’s response: when we can’t sleep.  However, there is a wealth of legitimate, valuable input to offset this tongue-in-cheek comment.

Of particular interest are the discussions on physiological causes of insomnia, from melatonin deficiencies (often  associated with aging) to hormonal imbalance (tied frequently to menopause)  These lead into data on herbal remedies – solutions that are available to us free of charge, if we have the energy to venture into the gardens and wilds to harvest specific plants.

Of course, one of the most commonly cited treatments for insomnia is German chamomile tea.  This beverage has been used for centuries, and is part of the Ukrainian heritage, brought to North America in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  This herb is cultivated domestically and grows very well in the wild.  There a re a few varieties of chamomile, but the most effective appears to be the German chamomile.

While most commonly used as a cough and cold treatment, linden also encourages sleep.  Dried flowers and leaves, made into a tincture or infusion are the usual form of use, while the inner layers of bark can be harvested even in winter and made into a tincture or infusion, as well.

Onion is one of the universally recognized super plants, offering myriad health benefits.  However, boiled onion (drink the liquid, as well, you wimp!) serves as a sleep aid.  I have found that onions, eaten in larger quantities before bedtime seem to induce a lot of dreams.  Good for those with pleasant ones, lousy for those with nightmares!

Lemon balm is cited as a good sleep aide.  However, its most frequent use is as an insect repellent.  Lemon balm, like lemon sorrel and mints, decreases thirst.

Although offering only a mild sedative benefit, raspberry tea is an excellent pre-bedtime drink, and, when combined with wild strawberry leaves, is a very pleasant sipping tea.

Sage is another great plant.  This herb is a great culinary spice with nutritional benefits, but offers a variety of health benefits, from cancer treatment to digestive assistance, from treatment for depression & anxiety to cold treatment and inflammations.  Best known for its use with poultry, it can be taken, if you can endure the sharp taste, as a tea.

For centuries, lavender has been a part of romantic lore, and has a reputation for inducing pleasant dreams.  This, of course, goes hand in hand with better sleep.  Lavender air sprays, lavender sachets under one’s pillow, lavender soaps and skin creams or lavender plants growing in the bedroom window all offer assistance for the sleep-deprived.

My wife uses rosehips to treat a kidney condition.  Along with this wonderful benefit, the rose seed pods also are excellent for the heart, provide a source of vitamin C, show results in cancer treatment tests and, again, provide sleep-inducing qualities.  Rosehips can be used in soups and stews, with wild game, in bannock, or consumed as a tea with a bit of ginger.

Passionflower, native to the southeast of North America, is recognized for its relief of insomnia.

Lastly, elecampane has been found to be effective at treating both irritability and insomnia.  While not a known native of the Americas, elecampane, like dandelion, hawthorn and a host of other plants, herbs and bushes, has taken hold in most parts of North America, likely introduced here by European settlers.

The list of herbs and other plants that have been employed to treat lack of sleep attests to both the prevalence of insomnia and the effectiveness of herbal remedies, as opposed to chemical preparations.  The added benefits of herbs are that they generally have fewer side effects, and, when harvested in the wild, cost nothing

Among other interests, Robert Lee is a writer who focuses on ethical considerations in business and living life simply.  He is the author of six books, including The Last Drop of Living, A Minimalist’s Guide to Living The High Life On A Low Budget and Wild People I Have Known.  His blogs include http://eatingwild.blogspot.com, as well as blogs on minimal living, living in a yurt, findingtheoasis.blogspot.com and  eco-innovations.

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Home Remedies For Anaemia

Anaemia may be defined as a situation in which there is a reduce in the quantity of haemoglobin or in the number of red cells. Anaemia is amongst the most common ailments disturbing individuals. Almost half the blood curving in our veins and arteries consists of red blood cells which carry oxygen to the tissues. Just about one trillion or 100 million new blood cells are created daily in the bone marrow. The raw resources required in the manufacture of these cells are iron, proteins, and vitamins, particularly folic acid and B12. Of these, iron and proteins are necessary in structure up the red colouring matter called haemoglobin. A red cell has a lifetime of just about one hundred and twenty days and is then damaged and replaced. Each person should have about 15 gm of haemoglobin per 100 ml of blood, and a blood count of just about five million red cells per millimetre of blood.

Symptoms of anaemia

Weakness, fatigue, be short of of energy and giddiness

The patient generally complains of weakness, fatigue, lack of energy and giddiness. Extra symptoms comprise a haggard look, premature wrinkles, dull and tired looking eyes, poor memory, shortness of breath on exertion, headache, slow healing of wounds, and palpitations. The skin and mucous membranes appear pale.

Causes of anaemia

Diminished configuration of red blood cells in the bone marrow

A diminished formation of red blood cells in the bone marrow, also due to defects in the bone marrow, or due to an insufficient intake of iron, vitamins, and proteins, is one of the chief causes of anaemia.
Serious loss of blood due to injury, hemorrhage

Other essential causes are heavy loss of blood due to injury, bleeding piles, or too much menstruation in women
Be short of of hydrochloric acid in the stomach or intestinal parasites or worms

Anaemia can too occur due to a lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which is required for digestion of iron and proteins, or intestinal parasites or worms.

Home remedies for anaemia

Anaemia handling using Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is required for preventing or curing anaemia. This vitamin is generally found in animal protein, particularly in meats such as kidney and liver. There are, however, other equally good quality sources of vitamin BI2 such as dairy products which also enclose some B12

Anaemia treatment by means of Beets

Beets are very cooperative in curing anaemia. Beet juice contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur, iodine, iron, protein, fat, vitamins B1 B2, B6, niacin, and vitamin P. Through their high iron content, beets help in the formation of red blood cells. The juice of red beet strengthens the body’s powers of resistance and has proved to be an brilliant medicine for anaemia, particularly for children and teenagers, where other blood-forming remedies have found unsuccessful.

Anaemia treatment by means of Fenugreek

The leaves of fenugreek facilitate in blood formation. The cooked leaves be supposed to be taken by adolescent girls to prevent anaemia, which may occur due to the start of teenage years and menstruation. The seeds of fenugreek are also a expensive treat for anaemia, being rich in iron. One of the best home remedies for anemia.

Anaemia treatment via Lettuce

Lettuce is an additional effective remedy for this sickness as it contains a considerable amount of iron. It can, thus, be used as a good quality tonic food for anaemia. The body simply absorbs the iron in it

Anaemia treatment via Spinach

This leafy vegetable is a precious source of high grade iron. Following its absorption, it helps in the formation of haemoglobin and red blood cells. It is thus helpful in building up the blood, and in the avoidance and handling of anaemia.

Anaemia treatment with Soyabean

Soyabean is loaded in iron and also has a high protein charge. As most anaemic patients typically also suffer from a weak digestion, it ought to be given to them in a very light form, if possible in the form of milk, which can be simply digested.

Anaemia treatment via Almonds

Almonds have copper to the extent of 1.15 mg for each 100 gm. The copper all along with iron and vitamins, acts as a channel in the synthesis of haemoglobin. Almonds are, therefore, a helpful medicine for anaemia. Seven almonds should be drenched in water for about two hours and ground into a paste after removing the thin red skin. This paste may be eaten once every day in the morning for three months. One of the well liked home remedies for anemia.

Anaemia treatment by means of Sesame Seeds

Black sesame seeds, as a rich source of iron, are priceless in anaemia. After drenched one teaspoon of the seeds in warm water for a couple of hours, they must be ground and strained, and then mixed with a cup of milk and sweetened with jaggery or sugar. This mixture should be given to patients suffering from anaemia. One of the effective home remedies for anemia.

Anaemia treatment with Honey

Honey is notable for building haemoglobin in the body. This is mostly due to the iron, copper, and manganese contained in it

Anaemia treatment via Other Foods

There are a number of other foods which are rich sources of iron and can be used helpfully in the treatment of anaemia. The more essential of these are bananas, black grapes, plums, strawberries, raisins, onions, squash, carrots, radish, celery, and tomatoes.

Anaemia Diet

Include raw vegetables and fresh fruits rich in iron

Diet is of highest importance in the handling of anaemia. Refined foods similar to white bread, polished rice, sugar, and desserts rob the body of its much-needed iron. Iron must if possible be taken in its usual organic form in food. The stress in the diet should be on raw vegetables and fresh fruits which are rich in iron.
Go for healing treatment with an exclusive fruit diet

The patient should commence a healing treatment with an special fruit diet for five days, taking three meals a day of fresh juicy fruits. A fruit and milk diet may pursue this for about fifteen days. In this routine, the occurrence of meals should be accurately the same as for the earlier all-fruit diet. After that, the patient may slowly embark upon a proportionate diet, consisting of seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables, and fruits.
Extra Anaemia Treatment
Cold water baths

Cold water baths are suggested in anaemia. The patient must be given a cold bath with awareness twice daily, the coldness of the water being increased slowly
Warm Epsom salts bath and sunbatbs

A hot Epsom salts bath for five to ten minutes once a week and an occasional steam bath are also helpful. Sunbaths are particularly helpful as the sunlight stimulates the production of red cells.
Deep inhalation and light exercises

Extra important factors that assist in curing anaemia are deep breathing and light exercises like walking.
Yogic asanas

Anemia means lack of blood in the body. This disorder occurs in the body when red blood cells (RBC) count decreases in body. Red blood cells contain a protienicious compound bounded by iron. It is known as hemoglobin. As the name also suggest, hemoglobin is composed of two things, heme- the iron compound and globin- the protein part. The main and the foremost utility of hemoglobin in body is to carry oxygen from lungs and then supply it to the various tissues of the body. It is also responsible in imparting red color to our blood. Formation of the hemoglobin very much depends on the amount of proper and nutritive diet intake. There may also be some pathological conditions which also effects the hemoglobin formation. Normal values of hemoglobin vary from 13 to 16 mg/dl in adult male and 11 to 15 mg/dl in normal adult female.

Classification of anemia

Aplastic anemia: it is the condition in the body when production of red blood cells ceases.

Megaloblastic anemia : an anemic condition caused by vitamin deficiency specially folic acid and vitamin B12 deficiency. This condition effects the proper production of hemoglobin and the hemoglobin formed is weak in nature. This weak hemoglobin lacks the capability of carrying the oxygen properly hence leads to anemia.

Iron deficiency anemia : the most common category of anemia countered world wide. It occurs due to less amount of oxygen in body due various factors like dietary, metabolic etc.

Pernicious anemia : this type of anemia occur when the body is not able to absorb cyanacobalamin i.e. vitamin B12 which is extremely important in production of hemoglobin.

Inherited anemia : this is a condition which is been passed on through gene in a family. The common types of the disease is the that are included in this category are:

Sickle cell anemia: in this the cells shapes like sickle which is incapable of carrying oxygen thus depriving the body tissue from being supplied with the required nutrition and oxygen.

Thalassemia: this is the condition in which codons lack the certain genes that are very essential for formation of hemoglobin

Diseased condition : Certain diseased conditions like that of kidneys, liver etc are some times responsible in the decreased production of red blood cells hence leading to anemia

Home Remedies

Follow the famous saying that “an apple a day keeps a doctor away. Just modify it to two three apples a day and keep doctor away. Apple is rich in iron content and there fore it is quite helpful in substituting iron in the body.

Animal proteins and organic meats like that of kidney and liver are rich in vitamins especially vitamin B12, which is very essential in hemoglobin production.

Regular intake of teas and coffee should be avoided so as to facilitate normal absorption of iron in body.

One of the most important in cure of anemia is beets. Its juice is rich in minerals like sulphur, iron, calcium and iodine. It also contains surplus carbohydrates and proteins that are needed in body. It is also very helpful in substituting various vitamins like thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), ascorbic acid (vitamin C) etc.

Naturopaths recommend cold water bath especially in morning, helps in stimulating bodies’ enzymatic action and metabolism which is very essential compensating hemoglobin loss.

Weakly ten minutes bath of hot Epsom and cold friction is good in curing anemia.

Red blood cells get stimulated by regular sun bath, hence recommended for people who suffer from anemia.

Honey, apple cider vinegar and lemon have proved to be beneficial for anemic patients when consumed early morning empty stomach.

Regular body massage helps in triggering some of the essential and vital points in the body which are helpful in maintaining the normal level of blood in the body.

Ascorbic acid commonly known as vitamin C is necessary for our body as it helps in absorption of iron in our body. Hence amla (Indian gooseberry) is highly recommended by herbal medicine doctors in even severe anemic cases as it has abundance of vitamin C.

Performing yogic exercise like sarvang asana, uttanpada asana and shav asana and breathing exercises like doing pranayam and kapal bhati helps in normalizing the hormonal and enzymatic activities in our body essential for normal functioning of body

Yogic asanas such as sarvangasana paschimottanasana and shavasana as well as massage are also useful in this regard.

Regular body massage helps in triggering some of the essential and vital points in the body which are helpful in maintaining the normal level of blood in the body.

Natural Heartburn Home Remedies

Heartburn is an uncomfortable feeling of a burning sensation or warmth in the chest. This is a condition that affects your digestive system and is extremely common. Although heartburn may be named so and may be experienced in the chest it has little to do with your heart, but is the result of stomach acid. Hyperacidity is a condition characterized by excessive production or an excessive presence of digestive acids and juices.


Heartburn and hyperacidity are not necessarily conditions in themselves, but are more often than not indicative of some other underlying health condition or simply occur as symptoms warning of unhealthy eating habits or lifestyle. On a positive note, home remedies for heartburn can offer considerable relief from these symptoms of indigestion and acid reflux and generally include easy to acquire ingredients like baking soda or apple cider vinegar that are even safe to consume while pregnant.


Under normal circumstances the digestive juices and stomach acids remain trapped in the digestive system or stomach where they perform the important task of helping digest and absorb nutrients from the foods we eat. These stomach juices are prevented from resurfacing to the mouth, throat or esophagus by a valve like muscle that only relaxes or opens to allow for the passage of food in.


If this valve does not function efficiently or if there is an overwhelming build up of pressure on the stomach then the contents of the stomach, namely these digestive juices may be forced back up – a process termed as reflux. Acid reflux that occurs with heartburn and hyperacidity causes severe irritation to the lining of the throat and esophagus. The burning sensation that is produced from the acids travelling in this reverse direction is what is generally described as heartburn.


Home Remedies for Heartburn and Acid Reflux


Heartburn Remedies Have apple cider vinegar & Baking Soda- Drink 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar after adding it to a lots of water throughout the day. Alternatively mix 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar and 2 tsp of honey in a glass of water and take before meals. You can also add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to 1/2 glass of water and sip it while having your meals. Baking Soda taken with water helps neutralize stomach acid but this remedy should be used moderately as it increases salt intake in the body. Pregnant women should not use this remedy.


Cut on Sugar and carbohydrates- Have low sugar index fruits only and take lesser carbohydrates. Sugar forms more of acid so be careful with the fruits you eat. Avocado, apples, banana, melon, walnuts, almonds, tofu, sweet potato, fish, grilled chicken etc. are easier on your stomach. Bananas particularly have defensive action against acidity and heart burn.


Find powerful herbal remedies Acidity, Heartburn and Flatulence


Increase Favorable Liquids Intake- Drink lots of water during day. Have lots of coconut water about 4-5 times a day. If you feel the symptoms of acidity, immediately drink a glass of cold milk for quick relief from heartburn and acid reflux. Drink fresh pudina (mint) juice after meals. Although traditional tea is risky in conditions of heartburn, green tea and other herbal tea containing chamomile, ginger, liquorice root and catnip help the stomach lining repair itself and aid the body in the digestion process. Add 1 teaspoon lemon juice to half a glass of water and drink for heartburn relief.


You can pop an antacid. Generally, antacids need to be taken every six hours. Over-the-counter antacids can cool off the burn. However, don’t take too many antacid tablets because this can cause diarrhea or constipation. If you suffer from heartburn, then it is advisable to keep you head in an elevated position when you sleep. When your sleep like this, the gravity will help keep the food and acid in your stomach, and prevent it from burping up. You can raise the head of your bed by placing wooden blocks under the legs. You must avoid waterbeds because you body lies flat on these.


Be very careful about your meal times. You must eat a few hours before you lie down or sleep. You should wait for at least an hour before you lie down. If you can, wait for three hours before hitting the couch. After a meal, stay upright. Be very careful about what you drink. Alcohol isn’t good for those who suffer from heartburn because it can irritate the stomach. Coffee too isn’t good for people with heartburn because caffeine can relax the esophageal sphincter. It is a good idea to cur down on coffee to prevent heartburn. You also need to minimize your intake of soda and other bubbly beverages because these can cause stomach distension and cause heartburn.

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Heartburn Home Remedies

There are a few questions we need to answer before we go into the heartburn home remedies. So what is heartburn anyway?

Heartburn is the leading symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease, a.k.a. GERD or acid reflux, acid indigestion, etc. (on this page, we will use all of those terms interchangeably). The pain and burning sensation of heartburn is caused by gastric acid (a.k.a. stomach acid) being regurgitated into the esophagus right below the breastbone near where the heart is located (although heartburn really has nothing to do with the heart). Many times, heartburn pain can even rise to the chest, neck, throat, and jaw. Chronic cough is also caused by acid reflux and sometimes mimics asthma.

So why, then, is gastric acid being regurgitated back into the esophagus from the stomach? It is due to a problem with the cardiac sphincter (a.k.a. the esophageal sphincter), a valve leading from the stomach to the esophagus. This problem with the cardiac sphincter is many times recognized as a hiatal hernia. Please note that the “cardiac sphincter” also has nothing to do with the heart; rather, “cardia” is in meaning part of the stomach.


Before you begin using any heartburn home remedies, you must know that heartburn can be diagnosed either biochemically or mechanically:

Biochemically: With esophageal pH monitoring, a probe is inserted through the nose into the esophagus to measure the acidity level near the cardiac sphincter. Acid reflux can be recognized in real-time with this method.

Mechanically: In one mechanical test, a manometer is inserted through the mouth into the esophagus, where is measures the pressure in the esophageal sphincter.

Another mechanical diagnosis is an endoscopy. The doctor inserts a thing tube with a camera on it through the mouth down to the esophagus and stomach. With this method, the doctor can clearly see any signs of esophageal inflammation due to excess acid. If this is so, then the doctor my take a biopsy, a small sample of the esophagus to study it close up.

Tips For Prevention

One of the best heartburn home remedies is that of prevention. If you can prevent heartburn before it even occurs, you won’t have to suffer through the horrible heartburn pain. So here are some short heartburn home remedies tips for prevention.

1) Sleep sitting up, or with the head, neck, and shoulders raised at least above the stomach. This will keep excess stomach acid from traveling upwards into your esophagus.

2) Eat smaller meals more frequently, as larger meals tend to create excess stomach acid, which then leads to heartburn.

3) Although not totally proven, avoiding certain foods like coffee, fruit juice, onions, chocolate, spicy foods, pretzels, tea, fatty foods, etc. can help reduce heartburn.

4) Don’t wear tight clothing around the abs. Though you may like to show off your six pack 😉 , tight clothing puts more pressure on the stomach and can cause more acid to reflux into the esophagus.

Heartburn Home Remedies Treatments

Here are some heartburn home remedies treatments that you can use to help ease heartburn pain once you begin to feel it.

1) Antacids work by neutralizing stomach acid. Though stomach acid may still reflux or splash up into the esophagus, the pain will not be felt because it is no longer an acid. Antacids usually provide rapid relief of symptoms, but the relief usually only lasts for about an hour or less.

2) Another simple remedy is to drink a small mixture of baking soda and water. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) neutralizes acid just like an antacid does. Too much extra sodium in one’s diet, however, is not recommended; therefore, this is not an ideal permanent solution.

3) Pills called H2 blockers, or H2 receptor antagonists, work by minimizing the amount of acid released by the body. Therefore, they are used more as a preventative rather than for quick relief of symptoms.

4) Alginates are derived from brown seaweed and work by forming a barrier in the stomach that keeps acid from refluxing into the esophagus. This method provides faster and longer lasting relieve than antacids and H2-receptor antagonists.

5) Protein pump inhibitors (PPIs) work well for those who have no reaction to antacids. PPIs inhibit or block the acid-production proteins that control the acidity of the stomach, therefore letting the stomach digest them. They provide long-lasting relief, however aren’t fast-acting.

6) Restricting diet as stated above under “Preventions”.

7) Other alternative treatments as stated above under “Preventions”.

8) In some cases (which I don’t recommend), laparoscopic surgery can be performed on the esophagus.

9) Chew gum. Chewing gum inhibits more saliva production. As you swallow while chewing gum, saliva, being alkaline, helps neutralize acid, therefore being one of the heartburn home remedies for fast relief.

Now that you know about the causes of heartburn, you need to take action to stop it.

Tony McGuigano is the owner of the Front Lace Wigs website, as well as a website called Eye Exercises.

Herbal Hair Loss Remedies

All people, men and women, who had to face and learn how to fight hair loss tend to use various herbal solutions and herbal remedies for bringing their hair back.

In particular, natural and herbal hair loss remedies are used in order to improve blood circulation in the scalp, providing the hair follicles with more nutrients and making the hair stronger. That is why one of the most effective ways to slow down hairloss is using herbal medicines to stimulate blood flow to the top of the head.

Herbal hair loss remedies can be used internally or externally.  Some internal herbal hairloss remedies include:

Gingko biloba – this herb improves blood circulation to the brain and skin, thus delivering more nutrients to the hair follicles and promoting the regrowth of hair.
Green tea – the natural chemicals called catechins in green tea can help to inhibit an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT.  DHT leads to male pattern baldness.
He Shou Wu – is also known as Fo-Ti and is a Chinese herb that is traditionally used to combat hair-loss and graying.
Pygeum – works in a similar way to green tea.
Saw palmetto – is used for males suffering male pattern baldness as it slows hair loss and reduces the uptake of DHT into the hair follicles.
Stinging Nettle – is thought to block the conversion of testosterone into the more harmful DHT.

For external use, the following herbal hair-loss remedies may be used:

Aloe vera – activates the production of nitric oxide and an enzyme called superoxide dismutane, two substances that may work together to stimulate hair regrowth.

Eclipta Alba – A well-known Ayurvedic herb considered to be the best natural remedy for the hair loss and premature greying of the hair.
Capsicum – is a skin irritant that draws blood and nutrients to the scalp and it also encourages histamines to be released, which stimulates cell division and hair regrowth.
– Is one of the few oils that actually contain protein easily absorbable into the hair strands, and thus, is one of the few oils that strengthen the hair follicle.
Grape seed extract – A powerful antioxidant to protect hair follicles from free radical damage

Onion – is high in sulfur, which is thought to be a hair healing mineral.
Safflower oil – dilates the blood vessels and allows the blood to deliver more nutrients to the hair follicles.

Photo by Phú Thịnh Co

Natural remedies for skin care

The skin is the outermost physical aspect of our body. It reflects our appearance and personality. Often we neglect our skin, even though we know that it is important to maintain healthy skin. Our skin is exposed to a variety of elements throughout the day. We face harsh sunlight, pollution and dust every time we step of our homes. These elements can have a serious if not catastrophic effect on our skin. Right from skin rashes to skin cancer. In Australia, located in the southern hemisphere, an average of 15,000 people die of skin cancer every year.

While there isn’t much we can do about the sun and pollution, we can take it upon ourselves to look after our skin. Often people use cosmetics to cover up skin blemishes instead or using natural remedies. Cosmetics include eye and facial makeup, skin-care creams, lotions, powders, lipsticks and many more. Though the use of cosmetics dates back to 3500BC, modern cosmetics have a lot of variety. Different skin types have their specific products for example; dry skin has products with more moisturization whereas oily skin products have more excess oil soaking ingredients.

While cosmetics are widely used by consumers in all the worlds markets, it has its main applications in the fashion, movie and television industries. Generally cosmetics are considered safe. But every now and then there is a new study conducted in the harm caused by regular use of cosmetics. There have been movements around the world for cosmetic products without toxic substances, especially petroleum, paraben and sulfate based. Parabens and sulfates cause skin irritation and dermatitis. Prolonged use of makeup has been linked to thinning eyelashes. Of late, a lot of people are switching to natural remedies for skin care and enhancing their appearance.

There are various natural remedies available in the market these days, though not as much variety as conventional cosmetics. The biggest advantage of using natural remedies is that natural products can cure skin problems externally and internally. Conventional cosmetics only cover up or cure skin blemishes externally. Products made from plants can be used as creams or consumable syrups that purify the blood and remove internal toxins, hence making the skin appear better naturally. Another good option is cod liver oil, available in capsules or liquid form. Cod liver oil is knows to improve health and helps to repair damaged skin, hair and nails. Natural products have received praise in recent times.

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